La part des Anges Nice

wine shop and a wine bar

La Part des Anges is a wine shop and a wine bar.

It was created in September 1998 as unique wine cellar in the south of France : a "bistro" in a wine cellar !

The selection is dedicated to organic and biodynamic wines. However, we specialise mainly in "natural wines" (wines process - vinification, ageing and bottling without sulphites and other chemicals products)

The customers can eat high quality products surrounded by bottles of wine and can choose from 300 different wine producers at respectable prices.

There are no "cork taxes" ("droit de bouchon") on the bottles served in the wine shop.
Ten glasses of wine are also offered and changed every week.

The Wine Bar serves (at any time from 10 a.m to 8.30 p.m) plates of selected dry meats and cheeses, foie gras, anchovies and small sardines from Cantabrie etc.

For lunch, one starter and one main are available according to seasonal variation.